Thứ 2,Ngày16/06/2019

Tin tức nhà đất

3 way

Activate home loans to get a free "legal" screening

Tran Khanh Quang, General Director of Viet An Hoa Company, said that one of the simplest ways to check real estate law is to take the initiative to borrow. In fact, sometimes homebuying can bring more advantages than self-financing.

Mr. Quang explained that the right of customers to borrow, in the process of borrowing, the bank will conduct a series of legal inspection operations, so that the legal status of the project will be reviewed formally. The project is almost certainly not going to get a loan if the law is not okay.

In line with the general principles of the credit industry, banks do not offer loans at all costs because they have stringent lending regulations and must eliminate bad debt (problematic or potentially risky projects). Thus, the bank not only acts as a credit extension but also an effective supporter to ensure legal certainty to help investors.

"X-ray" real estate looking for unusual details

Mr. Phan Cong Chanh, General Director of Phu Vinh Investment Consultant JSC, said that there are risks when buying and selling real estate that many people can not see with the naked eye. One of the most effective ways to detect risk is to "take an X-ray" to see potential risk factors. Investors can do this by themselves or by professional support.

The result of the "X-ray" of real estate is the type of certificate. That is the certificate of land use right and ownership of the house, the certificate of land use rights throughout the project area (may include multiple books combined), planning 1/500. Customers can check for unusual information by comparing the actual image of the property with the information in the book. Finding solutions to those abnormal details before getting down on real estate purchases will limit the risk.

Check the passport of the property

Deputy General Director of Him Lam real estate company, Ngo Quang Phuc shared, there are two conditions required by law to protect consumers when the transaction property formed in the future. It is a written notice of the project qualified for the sale of the house issued by the Department of Construction and the letter of guarantee of the bank. If one of the two types of passport is missing, customers should be careful when deciding to pay for the purchase.

Written confirmation of the project eligible for sale of houses formed in the future announced by the Department of Construction, meaning that the project has completed legal documents and completed the completion of the foundation. This is the legal time (regulated by the law) project investors are allowed to raise funds from customers. Usually, the progress of the projects announced by the Department of Construction qualifies for capital mobilization, ie the preparation for the construction of the body.

The guarantee letter issued by the bank is meaningful, if the investor does not hand over the house on time, the credit institution will replace the investor to pay damages to the customer. If you buy a house to be formed in the future, check for this deed, clients can be assured of the project has been carefully screened by many credit institutions.