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Tin tức nhà đất

"Wear sandals" go to the apartment

One of the regulations to be allowed to "sell on paper" is that the investor must perform financial obligations guarantee for the customer. But the fact is that the way for customers to hold a deed of trust, or even to hand over an apartment is not easy.
Too tired...

Ms. Hoai Linh (District 2, HCMC), bought the apartment on Lien Phuong Street, District 9. Linh signed a contract with the investor from October 2016, up to now paid the apartment value to the fifth, equivalent to 800 million. As committed, only delay payment more than 15 days from the end of each installment payment period, the customer will be subject to penalty interest. "But since the deposit so far I have not paid a late payment or have to remind investors to pay," Linh said.

However, 10 months have passed, Ms. Linh has not received a guarantee certificate of the apartment that she has bought. She is very frustrated and tired of the time to pay money also require the investor to hand over the paper, but every time there is reason to repudiation of responsibility. "Once the cashier calls the leader to ask, it is known that the investor is carrying out the procedures. Then they say again the procedure entangled in the bank so can not be quickly granted to customers, "she said Linh.

Wait no, she began to doubt the commitment and capacity of the investor. "To make a risk assessment, I was very cautious in buying an apartment at a bail bond. The purpose is to rest assured, if the investor runs the village, can not transfer the house, the money he paid according to the progress of the project will be returned by the bank. Be careful, but eventually I still can not handle rolling, "Ms. Linh said.

Lawyer Huynh Trung Hieu said that the requirement for a bank guarantee before the sale or lease of houses formed in the future for the handover of houses of investors is clearly defined in Article 56 of the Law Real estate business 2014 (revised). However, up to now, there have been no regulations on administrative sanctions for acts of investors failing to perform the guarantee obligation.

"Long neck" waiting for handover

In 2012, Mr. D. bought an apartment in Thoi An ward, District 12 for 720 million. Mr. D. has paid 500 million and under the contract until the end of 2013 the house. And yet by 2015 it's not finished so Mr. D. does not buy anymore, and asks to pay back the money he has paid. After many work, the owner agreed to pay back to Mr. D. But the journey to recover money is not easy at all.

In early 01/2016, Mr. D. was paid 50 million, the second month 20 million and then the company paid Mr. D every week ... 5 million! "Over a year and a half paid back the money but now the owner still lacks my 150 million. At a little slow payment is repeatedly reminded, but when returned, it is barely all the place to say, "Mr. D. said.

Unlucky as Mr. D., Mr. Phan Toan bought apartments in Binh Chanh district but has not received home even though it has been delayed for up to 5 years. Toan's apartment bought for nearly 1.2 billion and paid nearly 500 million. According to the contract, the investor delayed the delivery of the house, then pay interest to the buyer is 150% of the interest rate announced at the time the investor slow hand over the apartment. Mr. Toan wants the owner to pay the interest by deducting the remaining amount he has to pay.

However, although he has repeatedly contacted, even sent direct documents, but the investor still did not respond. "I just want the two parties to comply with the contract and have no intention to sue anything. But in case the owner does not pay me, I'm forced to sue, "said Toan.